Thursday, December 25, 2014

A year later...

A year later and much has happened...
For one, Nani celebrated her 90th birthday in Casablanca two days ago. Although I couldn't be there physically, I managed 
(with the help of a very special friend) to have this card and a flowering plant hand-delivered to her.

A birthday card for Nani´s 90th

On the other hand, over the past year, a lot has happened
with this project. I finally have an overall structure
of the book. Though certainly it will change as I advance I think I am off to a solid start.

This is a little map of the chapters and structure of the book

I also have a color card:

The technique for this book is a mix of black ink pens for the outer lines,
colored with water color wooden pencils. I may add some colors,
but this is the general pallet

Sketches of sweets and spices:

Some herbs & spices that Nani in her recipes

Some spices that Nani uses for her sweets

Some of my favorites of Nani´s sweets

A couple of chapters planned and sketched out:

Title page for Chapter 1

Title page for Chapter 2

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And an imagined timeline of Nani's transformation over the years:

Nani in the different stages of her life
I have also decided to make this blog public today. 
In celebration of all these new developments.
So voila!!!
I don't have a launch date for the book, but I think it may be ready 
in the next year or in early 2016.