Friday, February 12, 2016

Nani at artist residence: Day 3

This is my Nani,

and I, am her Karish. 

At a first glance, Nani seems to be an ordinary grandmother.

But when you  get to know her a little bit, you will soon see that she is magic.

Nani is now 90 years old and has travelled all over the world. She lives a life full of adventure and I think it´s a wonderful story to share, so I have decided to share my version of it.

This is how the story begins.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nani at artist residence: Day 2

After warming up a bit, I mustered up the courage to begin to draw Nani. It took a while and I had to ask for her different ways and on many levels. 

And then this happened...

drawings for the first chatper of the book:
Mango Wanderings

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Nani at artist residence: Day 1

It's been years since I started this project. 
And though I am very eager to finish it, it's been difficult concentrating on it with so many other things going on. 
So, as a gift to myself, and in hope of advancing on the book, I decided to come to La Cala de Chodes for an artist residence.

And I brought Nani with me! 
Well...not physically. But I have brought her recipes, her spices, her mantras and candles. I got here yesterday afternoon and got settled in to my new workspace: the beautiful library.
I started working on the cover of the book to help me find my bearings.