Saturday, June 18, 2016

Nani´s energy

Chapter 5, Snowy walks in Demarest, goes through 
Nani´s visit to New Jersey to visit her grand daughters 
Anjali and Sandhya and their parents. 

A recurring anecdote among all of us cousins is how the first night
we ever shared a bed with Nani, we would be shaken out of sleep in the wee wee hours of the morning thinking there was an earthquake.

The earthquake was always turned out to be 
Nani´s tremendous energy as she would do her 
bed-yoga routine to begin her day.

Here is a small table of her routine.

Nani's energy always seemed endless. She woke up before the break of dawn, and throughout the day would exercise, cook, knit, sew, talk on the phone to family members far away, tell stories. And she would do it all with a great big smile on her face, that would sometimes break out into a thunderous cackle of contagious laughter.

Nani's cooking was the taste of home, of her Sindh. 

But more delicious than the taste of the food was the way she could make cooking up a feast seem so effortless and easy. 

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