Friday, June 3, 2016

Returning from Residence

Before leaving residence, rather than rush through Chapter 3, 
I instead worked on my glossary of symbols. 
In the book, every chapter has two borders with special symbols on the top and bottom. 
Each reveal a lot about the story and there will be a glossary at the end of the book to explain all of them. 

Writing and researching helped me connect with 
all the details of the book, and realize how many
little memories and hidden meanings crawl over all of the drawings.

After finishing the glossary, 
and finishing the final notes on the wall, 
I began to prepare my departure.

I bid my dear friend Vaca farewell.

Took a last glimpse at the flowering trees, 
and set on my way. 

I was curious as to how my rhythm of work would evolve 
back in Madrid, bustled by so many distractions and daily obligations.

And then the day after returning from residence, I received a wonderful gift. My friend Eric who runs a wonderful start-up called U2Guide had just moved into the private office spaces one floor
up from my co-working studio. His space was large, full of light
and currently empty while he was waiting to recruit his team.
He invited me up for a coffee and gave me a set of keys, so that I could come in and draw whenever I wished. 

The light was unbelievable. 
As was the timing...I had been especially worried about 
working on Chapter 3 in a public space with many people. 
Having access to this private space made me feel in sorts that I had an extension on my residence.

I began to work on Chapter 3: Departing Pune.
I drew trees.

I drew how I imagined Paradise building, 
the building my grandfather owned and lived in time 
and again in Pune, before passing away.

I added details such as Mum's Beatles posters in the cupboard, 
or the sewing machine she and her sisters 
used to make fashionable dresses on. 

Although I had returned from residence, 
I was able to connect completely with the work. 
It was as if over there, something so profoundly basic in my creative process had transformed, and that from 
that moment I would be able to enter entirely into 
the book every time I sit down to work on it.  


  1. Dear Karishma, having you there just brought more light into the room :) Keep lighting up :)


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