Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Arrival

Soon after her departure, I finished Chapter 3 of Nani's book 
and began Chapter 4: Nani's Visits. 

The chapter shows her first trip to Casablanca as a widow, and it was moving and bittersweet to draw her coming home to visit us so soon after she had left. 

 Parallel to her arrival, the chapter celebrates Diwali, the festival of lights, and possibly my favorite day of the year. 
During the Diwali ceremony, Ganesha is invoked to clear obstacles.  The Goddess Laxmi is also welcomed into the home to bring prosperity and wealth. 

The symbol of her footprints is often painted with color pigment (Rangoli) at the entrance of the home to welcome her.

During the many preparatory rituals, the house is thoroughly cleaned. This ritual is called Safai.

Sweets (mithais) are prepared and rangoli and oil lamps (diyas)
decorate the entrance of the home.

Drawing this chapter, I missed Nani terribly. 
I looked back through my childhood memories 
and found so many little details I had forgotten. 
All of them were love.

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